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Because Every French Bulldog Deserves a Furever Home!

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Why do we save French Bulldogs?

French Bulldogs are the 2nd most popular breed of dog and only becoming more popular. However, most people are unaware of the myriad of health issues these dogs have due to the facial and spinal structure. With this increase in popularity, we are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of dogs being surrendered to our rescue and to shelters around the country. We work with these shelters and bring the dogs into our rescue for care and adoption.

Rocky Mountain French Bulldog Rescue, EIN 47-2430608, is a 501(c)3 Federally recognized non-profit located in Boulder, CO. We began with one very small paralyzed French bulldog named Dora. In May 2014, RMFBR received its 501(c)3 status. RMFBR has assisted in the rescue of over 200 French bulldogs. Our goal is to continue to help any French bulldog in need. RMFBR is a foster-based rescue. We do not have a facility but rather all of our dogs are fostered in loving volunteer homes until rehabilitation is established. Each dog is loved as a family member until they find the perfect Forever Home. RMFBR is PACFA licensed through the State of Colorado. We are partners with and endorsed by Benevity, Network for Good, and the Facebook Non-Profit Council. We have received endorsements from employees at Microsoft and other large corporations for employee matching gifts. We have worked with shelters throughout Colorado, Kansas, and Utah.

We bring in and rehabilitate French bulldogs when owners realize they cannot care for the dog anymore. We are also working with mills and rescue the dogs that have aged out of their breeding programs. We do not attend auctions but rather work directly with the breeders when they release the dogs to us. 25% of French bulldogs will be paralyzed at some point in their lives. RMFBR specializes in paralyzed dogs and therefore, we work with rescues and shelters around the country in order to save these special needs from euthanasia. We have had dogs flown in from all areas of the country. French bulldogs are a brachycephalic breed and all of them have difficulties with breathing. Elongated soft-palate and nares surgery are performed on the majority of the dogs in order to allow them a longer life. Because of their smush-face, Frenchies are also prone to heart tumors and congestive heart failure and need medications for life. The lack of oxygen can also cause severe anxiety in some dogs and behavior modification training is often needed after surgery.

We also educate new and perspective owners so the breed can flourish. We have worked with the Denver Shelter in order to educate potential owners during a hoarding situation in Denver when the shelter received 26 French bulldogs. We also have a free publication for new owners and speak with many people looking to adopt and buy French bulldogs.

The majority of our funding has been through private, individual donations. In order to maintain the integrity of the rescue, and ensure the health of each dog, the Rescue needs a full-time employee. Vet bills for the Rescue were close to $100,000 last year. We are expecting that to double this year as we are seeing an uptake of more medical needs in the dogs. Our transportation costs will also increase this year as we are working with more and more areas of the country. French bulldogs can only be flown in-cabin and must be accompanied. For the 2022 fiscal year, Rocky Mountain French Bulldog is looking at an operating budget of approximately $250,000.

We appreciate your support of our organization in this manner. Thank you for your contribution.

Rocky Mountain French Bulldog Rescue Board of Directors

Kelly Founder and Director